Helping People Grow

We exist to care for the physical, mental, spiritual & environmental needs of our community.


The Wai-ora Trust is a Charitable Trust based in Christchurch New Zealand actively involved in supporting our community since 1981. Within this section of the website you will learn about who we are and what part we play in supporting our community and “helping people grow”.

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The Wai-ora Group is a social enterprise operating throughout Canterbury region. We support individuals and organisations who are looking to protect, restore and enhance the natural environment through our offering of commercial products and services. Our work of restoration extends beyond the environment to our community through ongoing financial support of Wai-ora Trust.

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At the heart of Wai-ora is a genuine care and love for community and environment. Many individuals have contributed to the vision and purpose of Wai-ora and along with the current team at Wai-ora, continue to work towards a vision where we can make a tangible impact through care and love for both our people and land.

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