Helping people to grow is at the core of Wai-ora Group’s existence, taking care of your environment is what we do and family values permeate every aspect of our business. 


Welcome to Wai-Ora Group, a social enterprise for the Wai-Ora Trust. We have been serving the greater Christchurch area and wider Canterbury region since 1996. We take care of your environmental and asset management needs delivering best-in-class civil projects, commercial and residential fencing, landscaping, regeneration of native plantings, pest and weed control and installation of specialised sports surfaces.


Wai-ora Group empowers and supports others to achieve a healthy and meaningful life. We operate honestly and with respect. We are seeking to attract clients whose personal agenda is aligned with these principles



Wai Ora Group's Landscapes and Maintenance division undertakes a wide range of landscaping work for clients throughout Christchurch and the surrounding area.
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As well as growing the extensive range of native plants listed in our catalogue we can provide a tailored contract growing service. We have many species suitable for Riparian Planting.
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Ecological Restoration Services

Ecological restoration is the practice of enhancing ecological values, especially in areas damaged by landscape modification or invasive pests.
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The Construction team specialise in the construction of driveways, pathways, sidewalks, carparks, tennis courts, playgrounds and all things hard landscaping.
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Fencing & Surrounds

Blackadder Fencing fabricate and install custom made fencing and gate systems from a multitude of materials for all environments. Serving Canterbury and the wider south Island.
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Sports Courts & Turf

The Stratton Sports Courts team are highly skilled in the construction and installation of specialised synthetic and organic sports and recreational surfaces.
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