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  • Carex maorica

    Light green arching clumps, spiky seed heads. Likes damp wet soils /...

  • Carex secta $4.10

    Carex secta

    Weeping sedge with yellowish-green leaves. Common to swampy areas and in standing...

  • Carex solandri

    Green forest grass with drooping leaves. Prefers shady damp sites but tolerates...

  • Carex tenuiculmis

    Large tussock with fine reddish-bronze foliage. Prefers sun and moist soils but...

  • $9.50

    Carex testacea

    Bright green grass with an orange-red colour in full sun. Great for...

  • Carex virgata

    Vigorous sedge with bright green leaves. Can handle swamp to dry soils.

  • Carmichaelia appressa

    Rare and endemic to Kaitorete spit. Prostrate, fast-growing shrub. Excellent where drainage...

  • $4.10

    Carmichaelia australis

    Hardy fast growing upright broom. Almost leafless.Flattened stems. White pea flower with...

  • Carmichaelia kirkii

    Endangered in wild. Delicate mauve pea flower. Good on a bank or...

  • Carmichaelia stevensonii

    Long leafless branches weep, covered in mauve flowers summer. Full sun

  • $4.10

    Carpodetus serratus

    Small spreading specimen tree with green, marbled, serrated leaf. Prefers good soil/moisture.

  • Chionochloa rubra

    Fine leaves red-brown/green to copper. Can handle really dry sites, but generally...