Ecological Restoration Services

Ecological restoration is the practice of enhancing ecological values, especially in areas damaged by landscape modification or invasive pests. Wai-Ora Forest Landscapes has dedicated teams specialising in ecological restoration work.  We have worked in a range of ecosystems in Canterbury for over 10 years, using our botanical knowledge and ecological understanding to be our clients' eye on the ground identifying and protecting native species while locating and controlling invasive exotics.

Wai-Ora has been proud to work on projects with goals ranging from improving in-stream water quality, establishing habitat for native animals, containment and eradication of plant pests, enhancement and eradication of plant pests and enhancement of populations of threatened plant species. 

Key Services

Wai-ora offers a range of services based on establishing native plants in natural settings and controlling invasive weeds.

  • Site assessment and ecological advice
  • Restoration planning
  • Plant species selection
  • Planting
  • Aftercare maintenance
  • Invasive weed control


Erica Gray

ERS Teams Manager


03 359 2458 ext.705


027 480 8007