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  • Aristotelia fruticosa

    Aristotelia fruticosa | Makomako

    Aristotelia fruticosa or Mountian Wineberry is a small tree, growing up to...

  • Austroderia richardii

    Austroderia richardii

    Austroderia richardii is also known as Toe toe. It is a large...

  • Coprosma lucida

    Coprosma lucida | Karamū

    Coprosma lucida is endemic and commonly known as Karamū. It is a...

  • Coprosma robusta

    Coprosma robusta | Karamū

    Coprosma robusta is endemic and commonly known as Karamū. It is a...

  • Coprosma virescens

    Coprosma virescens | Mingimingi

    Coprosma virescens has divaricating, tangled, coppery red or gold branches. Attractive in...

  • Corokia cotoneaster

    Corokia cotoneaster | Korokio

    Corokia cotoneaster, also known as Korokio is endemic to New Zealand. Corokia cotoneaster...

  • Dodonaea viscosa

    Dodonaea viscosa | Ake ake

    Dodonaea viscosa or Ake ake is a hardy shrub or small tree....

  • Griselinia littoralis

    Griselinia littoralis

    Griselinia littoralis is a very hardy evergreen tree that naturally grows to...

  • Leptospermum scoparium

    Leptospermum scoparium | Mānuka

    Leptospermum scoparium has sharp narrow dark green leaves. Prolific white flowers in...

  • Lophomyrtus obcordata

    Small midgreen and red heart shaped leaves. Fine foliage, white flowers. Red...

  • Metrosideros umbellata

    Lance shaped leaves, vivid red flowers summer. Slow growing, hardy. Frost tolerant.

  • Muehlenbeckia astonii

    Muehlenbeckia astonii | Pohuehue

    Muehlenbeckia astonii is rare in the wild but easily propagated from seeds....