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  • Aristotelia fruticosa

    Aristotelia fruticosa | Makomako

    Aristotelia fruticosa or Mountian Wineberry is a small tree, growing up to...

  • Dacrycarpus dacrydioides

    Dacrycarpus dacrydioides | Kahikatea

    Dacrycarpus dacrydioides is our tallest coniferous native tree. It is endemic and...

  • Melicytus alpinus

    Melicytus alpinus

    Melicytus alpinus is a dense hummocky alpine/rock garden plant. Also called porcupine...

  • Metrosideros umbellata

    Lance shaped leaves, vivid red flowers summer. Slow growing, hardy. Frost tolerant.

  • Prumnopitys taxifolia

    Prumnopitys taxifolia | Mataī

    Prumnopitys taxifolia is a Classic NZ Native. Also known as Mataī or...

  • Pseudowintera colorata

    Pseudowintera colorata | Horopito

    Pseudowintera colorata is endemic and found throughout the country in coastal to...