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  • Carex comans

    Small hardy sedge grass, silvery green. Tolerant of most conditions.

  • Carex flaviformis

    Yellow green sedge - almost flat leaves in stiff tufts - Spikes...

  • Coprosma acerosa

    Golden yellow coastal ground cover. Grows in sand, hot dry conditions. Good...

  • $5.50

    Coprosma brunnea

    Mat ground cover - can have different forms - most often red-brown...

  • Isolepis distigmatosa

    Fast growing endemic sedge of fresh water wetlands. Can form floating islands.

  • Muehlenbeckia axilllaris

    Muehlenbeckia axillaris

    Dense fast-growing groundcover or climber with small round shiny leaves, wiry stems,...

  • Rubus parvus

    Long thin leaves with prickly margins. Small white flowers in spring. Raspberry...