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  • Alectryon excelsus

    Alectryon excelsus | Tītoki

    Alectryon excelsus, commonly known as Tītoki, is a shiny-leaved tree found in coastal and...

  • Coprosma linariifolia

    Erect, openly-branched small tree, tall shrub. Narrow leaves, small white flower, berries...

  • Elaeocarpus hookerianus

    Elaeocarpus hookerianus | Pōkākā

    Elaeocarpus hookerianus is endemic to the North, South and Stewart Islands -...

  • Pennantia corymbosa

    Pennantia corymbosa | Kaikōmako

    Pennantia corymbosa is also called Kaikōmako or Duck's Foot after the shape...

  • Schefflera digitata

    Schefflera digitata | Patatē

    Schefflera digitata, the patatē, seven-finger, or umbrella tree, is a widespread tree endemic to New...