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  • Alectryon excelsus

    Alectryon excelsus | Tītoki

    Alectryon excelsus, commonly known as Tītoki, is a shiny-leaved tree found in coastal and...

  • Aristotelia serrata

    Aristotelia serrata | Makomako

    Aristotelia serrata, also known as wineberry, is a small deciduous fast-growing tree or shrub....

  • Carmichaelia stevensonii flower

    Carmichaelia stevensonii

    Carmichaelia stevensonii is a nationally endangered species with distinctive, drooping branchlets.  It...

  • Carpodetus serratus

    Small spreading specimen tree with green, marbled, serrated leaf. Prefers good soil/moisture.

  • Cordyline australis

    Cordyline australis | Tī Kōuka

    Cordyline australis, commonly known as the cabbage tree or Tī Kōuka is...

  • Dacrycarpus dacrydioides

    Dacrycarpus dacrydioides | Kahikatea

    Dacrycarpus dacrydioides is our tallest coniferous native tree. It is endemic and...

  • Discaria toumatou

    Discaria toumatou | Matagouri

    Discaria toumatou  is also known as Matagouri.  It is a tangle branched...

  • Dodonaea viscosa

    Dodonaea viscosa | Ake ake

    Dodonaea viscosa or Ake ake is a hardy shrub or small tree....

  • Elaeocarpus dentatus

    Elaeocarpus dentatus var. dentatus | Hīnau

    Elaeocarpus dentatus var. dentatus is the subspecies of Hīnau found naturally in...

  • Elaeocarpus hookerianus

    Elaeocarpus hookerianus | Pōkākā

    Elaeocarpus hookerianus is endemic to the North, South and Stewart Islands -...

  • Fuchsia excorticata

    Fuchsia excorticata | Kōtukutuku

    Fuchsia excorticata is the largest fuchsia in the world. It is commonly...

  • Fuscospora cliffortioides

    Smaller than F. Solandri. Slightly different leaf pattern. Evergreen.Flowers / fruit inconspicuous...