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  • rainbow wind grass/ anemanthele lessoniana

    Anemanthele lessoniana

    Anemanthele lessoniana is endemic to New Zealand and can be found from...

  • Austroderia richardii $3.10

    Austroderia richardii | Toetoe

    Austroderia richardii is endemic to the South Island of New Zealand, found...

  • Carex buchananii

    Carex buchananii

    Carex buchananii is sometimes referred to as Leatherleaf sedge. It is endemic...

  • Carex comans

    Carex comans

    Carex comans is a resilient, small grass-like plant with silvery-green foliage. The...

  • Carex coriacea

    Carex coriacea

    Carex coriacea is endemic to New Zealand and found throughout the country,...

  • Carex geminata

    Carex geminata | Rautahi

    Carex geminata is a wetland grass often found in wetland or swampy...

  • Carex solandri

    Carex solandri

    Carex solandri is a green forest grass with drooping leaves. Dark brown...

  • Festuca actae

    Festuca actae

    Festuca actae is a naturally uncommon tussock, endemic to Banks Peninsula. We...

  • Poa cita

    Poa cita | Pātītī

    Poa cita is also called Silver tussock. It is a fast-growing tawny...