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  • Clematis afoliata

    Clematis afoliata | Pōhue

    Clematis afoliata is a scrambling vine with stiff, wiry stems and as...

  • Dacrycarpus dacrydioides

    Dacrycarpus dacrydioides | Kahikatea

    Dacrycarpus dacrydioides is our tallest coniferous native tree. It is endemic and...

  • Discaria toumatou

    Discaria toumatou | Matagouri

    Discaria toumatou  is also known as Matagouri.  It is a tangle branched...

  • Elaeocarpus dentatus

    Elaeocarpus dentatus var. dentatus | Hīnau

    Elaeocarpus dentatus var. dentatus is the subspecies of Hīnau found naturally in...

  • Metrosideros umbellata

    Lance shaped leaves, vivid red flowers summer. Slow growing, hardy. Frost tolerant.

  • Podocarpus totara

    Classic NZ Native - Needle-like olive green leaves, orange-red fruit between April...

  • Prumnopitys taxifolia

    Prumnopitys taxifolia

    Prumnopitys taxifolia is a Classic NZ Native. It has tangled bronze juvenile...

  • Pseudowintera colorata

    Pseudowintera colorata

    Evergreen slow growing shrub. Blotched yellow (Bronze) - red foliage. Leaves are...