Carex comans

Drainage:DampVery DryWell Drained
Height Range:0.3
Site Conditions:Frost TolerantHeavy SoilLoamy SoilSandy SoilWindy
Spread Range:0.3
Sunlight:Full Sun
Features:Attractive foliageAttractive to insectsEvergreenSuitable for Revegetation Species
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Carex comans is a resilient, small grass-like plant with silvery-green foliage. The leaf tips gracefully curl, adding a decorative touch. It displays versatility, tolerating various conditions but thrives in well-drained soils, making it particularly suitable for pots or dry sites. Its habitat spans from coastal to subalpine regions, commonly found in free-draining soils either in open areas or beneath scrub, tall forest, or sparsely vegetated situations.

Endemic to New Zealand, Carex comans is native to the North, South, and Stewart Islands. In its natural environment, it forms dense tufts of slender, fine leaves, typically green or brownish-green. These linear leaves have a drooping or arching appearance, reaching heights of up to 60 cm. The plant’s soft and flexible leaves contribute to its graceful and delicate overall appearance.

Carex comans produces inconspicuous flowers in clusters or spikes, often concealed among the leaves. These small, brown or greenish-brown flowers are succeeded by triangular fruits containing the plant’s seeds.

Adaptable and hardy, Carex comans thrives in a variety of conditions. It favours well-drained soils, accommodating both full sun and partial shade. While it generally performs best in partial shade in warmer climates, it is also known for its evergreen hardiness.

This species finds common use in ornamental landscaping, employed in rock gardens, borders, and as ground cover. Its ornamental value is often maximized in mass plantings. Carex comans is tolerant of a wide range of conditions, excluding permanently waterlogged soils. It tends to naturalize in urban areas and, on occasion, may become invasive. The species exhibits three colour forms, with the red and green variations being widely cultivated. The colour presented and available at Wai-Ora is dependent on the ecosource and is not differentiated by colour in our stock system. Please specify a required colour if colour is a factor in species selection.

Whether planted in exposed or sheltered sites, Carex comans is easy to grow. It thrives in full sun to part shade, displaying wind tolerance. Well-suited for mass plantings and low-maintenance city or courtyard gardens, it can also be utilized under trees to add texture and contrast. Spectacular effects can be achieved by planting Carex comans en masse, or alongside Anemanthele lessoniana or Carex buchananii. Additionally, it makes an excellent container plant, either as part of a mixed planting or on its own. This fine-leaved, tufted sedge grows up to 40 cm tall, offering a versatile and aesthetically pleasing option for various landscaping applications.

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