Carex coriacea

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Carex coriacea is endemic to New Zealand and found throughout the country, most commonly on the east coast of the South Island. Carex coriacea occurs in damp seepages, spreading by rhizomes which can make it difficult to eradicate in pasture. This same trait makes it a hardy choice in damper areas. Although a  species, C. coriacea will grow well in most soils and moisture regimes. Does best in full sun.

Grows to 600mm and is winter dormant, retaining its foliage to protect the rhizomes for spring growth. Its yellow-green coarse leaves have given this the nickname of cutty grass, similar to Carex geminata. The leaves are double ribbed. A great freshwater wetland plant, useful in wetland and riparian plantings.

It is often found in plant communities that include but are not limited to Apodasmia similis, Carex maorica, Carex virgata, Phormium tenax, and Eleocharis acuta.
For more information on plant communities, we recommend DOC’s publication Native Plant Communities of the Canterbury Plains