Carex solandri

Drainage:DampWell DrainedWet
Height Range:0.5
Site Conditions:ExposedFrost TolerantHeavy SoilLoamy SoilWindy
Spread Range:0.5
Sunlight:Full ShadePartial Shade
Features:Attractive foliageAttractive to insectsEvergreenSuitable for Revegetation SpeciesTolerant of Shade
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Carex solandri is a green forest grass with drooping leaves. Dark brown seed heads emerge in summer giving interest to a mass planting. Most commonly used us woodland plantings or shady areas of the garden. Does well on banks around ponds and streams, although not commonly used in riparian revegetation projects due to its preference for shade. Would naturally be found to dominate alluvial terraces and riversides under the forest canopy.

Carex solandri is endemic to the North, South and Stewart Islands in coastal to montane areas. It is smaller than other sedges growing about 50cm in height and width. Usually found in association with and is often confused with Carex dissita. It prefers damp soils and shade and it is widely used for revegetation and restoration planting. Once established the grass can tolerate dry spells and full sun.

Flowers from August to December are followed by seed heads that are dispersed by granivores.

Prefers shady damp sites but tolerates dry forest conditions also.


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