Celmisia mackaui


The Akaroa Daisy (Celmisia mackaui) is endemic to Banks Peninsula where it is fairly widespread. It has dainty white flowers and purplish shoots. Celmisia mackaui is a favourite plant of Hugh Wilson of Hinewai reserve. Celmisia mackaui is usually found in damp, rocky places, especially along precipitous south-facing bluffs and waterfalls. Occasionally extending into tussock grassland, and on sheltered rocky outcrops. Also found in seepages amongst Phormium tenax

The daisy-like flowers are held just above or just within the leaves and appear from October to February. The petals of the flowers tend to shade to a pale plum pink as they age especially if growing in a shaded position. The flowers are a feature of the plant which suits mass planting in shaded areas or as an informal border. It grows to 30cm tall and spreads about 50 cm. In a garden situation, Celmesia mackaui coordinates well with Arthopodium cirratum, Olearia fragrantissima, and Leptinella minor. Also makes a great indoor plant.