Coprosma rubra

Height Range:4
Site Conditions:Frost TolerantHeavy SoilSandy SoilWindy
Spread Range:2
Sunlight:Full Sun
Drainage:Very DryWell Drained
Features:Attractive to BirdsEvergreenSuitable for Revegetation SpeciesSuitable for RiparianSuitable for Shelter


Rare hardy shrub with stems of young branches a reddish colour. Yellow / White berries. Well-drained sites.
Small-leaved Coprosmas are good for revegetation projects, hedging, and adding texture into a garden. They are evergreen and suited to full sun to part shade.  They produce berries from January to April that are dispersed by fruit-eating animals (frugivory).  They also provide habitat for New Zealand’s declining lizard and gecko populations. As attractors of these small animals, they are a pioneer shrub in revegetation projects. Mingimingi provides a tough shelter, providing good food for native birds and lizards, as well as ground cover for these.

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