Community Services

Fitness Centre

Our small on-site fitness centre is yet another way that we encourage our community members to stay healthy and restore their tinana (physical body).

Our Fitness Centre support worker Jenny has made dramatic transformations in her own life and began as a gym client almost 10 years ago. Jenny now supports all those that join our Fitness Centre through encouragement and fitness planning and knows the hard work it takes to get healthy.

The Fitness Centre is designed to be available for those who are already involved in a community organisation and whom would benefit from the additional exercise and community interaction that we provide

Community Gardens 

For many years, Wai-ora Trust had grown organic vegetables and sold these to the public through our onsite shop. We have also supplied numerous organic shops in the Christchurch area and also sold and sent produce throughout the South Island.

In 2008 we converted half of our produce gardens into Community Garden Plots, which were very popular with the community.

In 2012 and in the continued aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquakes, we decided to close our retail vegetable shop and convert the remaining gardens to Community Garden Plots.

This allowed us to offer additional plots to the community and make fresh vegetables affordable and accessible to a greater number of whanau, community and ethnic groups.

These plots continue to be available to any community or whanau group who meet our simple criteria and are willing to work as a group in their garden plot on a weekly basis.

While there is a small koha, all tools, irrigation and plants are available free of charge.

All of the vegetables which are grown, belong to the group who has grown them and can be utilised as they see fit (excluding for sale).

The “Community Garden plots” have proved very successful and have featured in many newspaper articles and in Tangata Pacifika on TV One.

Groups and whanau who have participated, have reported that they are now eating more vegetables, saving money on the groceries and also enjoying the physical activity required to tend their garden plots.

Church Services

We are not a church but are founded on Christian principles. Many people from different cultures, denominations and even faiths have been, and continue to be involved in the life of Wai-ora and we try to meet throughout the year for a relaxed church service.

These services allow anyone that attends to share stories, verses or even to sing a song. There is no preaching and it is a very relaxed and accepting environment with many that attend not being Christians but enjoying the atmosphere, singing (both Maori and English songs) as well as a shared lunch and conversation afterwards.