A riparian zone is the interface between land and water where planting water-tolerant plants can influence the health of waterways and how they function.


The plants act as a buffer:

  • Filtering the fertiliser runoff from surrounding paddocks- improving the health of the waterway
  • Flood protection/control - preventing erosion/stabilising stream edges
  • Providing shade and shelter to fauna - enhancing the environment and adding biodiversity
  • Creates good recreation areas/improving fishing and clean water for swimming

At Wai-Ora, the nursery specialises in growing native plants suitable for creating riparian zones. We can also give good advice to make sure the first project is manageable.  Our landscaping teams specialise in managing the planting and maintenance of your riparian planting.

For clients wanting to do their own riparian planting, we charge very reasonable rates to do site visits and assessments. Plants can be provided from our current nursery stock, or we can contract grow what's required. We can also collect any existing plants' seed and offer very competitively priced plants.