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  • Carpodetus serratus

    Carpodetus serratus | Putaputāwētā

    Carpodetus serratus, also known as Putaputāwētā is an evergreen tree endemic and...

  • Clematis afoliata

    Clematis afoliata | Pōhue

    Clematis afoliata is a scrambling vine with stiff, wiry stems and as...

  • Elaeocarpus hookerianus

    Elaeocarpus hookerianus | Pōkākā

    Elaeocarpus hookerianus is endemic to the North, South and Stewart Islands -...

  • Griselinia littoralis

    Griselinia littoralis

    Griselinia littoralis is a very hardy evergreen tree that naturally grows to...

  • Streblus heterophyllus

    Endemic Small oval toothed leaves, female bears red berries summer. Has juvenile...