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  • Aristotelia serrata $3.20

    Aristotelia serrata | Makomako

    Aristotelia serrata, also known as wineberry, is a small deciduous fast-growing tree or shrub....

  • Dodonaea viscosa

    Dodonaea viscosa | Akeake

    Dodonaea viscosa or Akeake is a hardy shrub or small tree. It...

  • Muehlenbeckia complexa

    Muehlenbeckia complexa | Pōhuehue

    Muehlenbeckia complexa is a fast-growing coastal vine. It is a semi-deciduous native...

  • Olearia solandri

    Excellent tree for dry exposed sites, coastal areas. Small yellowish leaves. Abundant...

  • Schefflera digitata

    Schefflera digitata | Patatē

    Schefflera digitata, the patatē, seven-finger, or umbrella tree, is a widespread tree endemic to New...