Our Staff

Wai-ora Trust

We are blessed to have great staff whom have continued to support our community over many years


Kaumatua - Matua George Ehau

Wai-ora was a dream. 

A dream of a place where people could feel they belonged to a family, no matter who they were or what culture they belonged to.  My wife Wyn and I became involved over 30 years ago after pleading desperately to God for such a place.

I have held a number of roles at the Trust including Co-founder, Trustee, Management roles and Kaumatua. However, I love Wai-ora Trust because it is a calling, a mission, a ministry and not a “job” which requires a label.

I love to see people restored to wholeness and healed spiritually. I love to see people attain their potential and fulfil their purpose for life.

Prior to Wai-ora Trust, our ministry involved many needy people. We had a problem and God had a plan and Wai-ora Trust was the outworking of that plan. A place of healing, restoration and learning.

Whaea Wyn Ehau

Whaea Wyn Ehau

I have been involved in the Trust since its beginnings and offered to do the administration. This was a good way for me to give of myself and use the skills I had acquired, while supporting the vision and founders of the Trust.

I have held many roles at the Trust over the years, including supporting the kaupapa for founding the Trust, Administration and Finance Manager, a role which I continue to fulfill today.

Wai-ora has always been a ministry for me and it is a blessing to be able to interact with all the different people whom come to Wai-ora each day.

Kaiwhakahaere - Ricky Ehau

Kaiwhakahaere - Ricky Ehau

Ko Hikurangi toku Maunga
Ko Waiapu toku Awa
Ko Porourangi toku Tangata
Ko Ngati Porou toku Iwi
Ko Hinetapora toku Hapu
Ko Hinetara toku Marae
Ko Ricky Ehau ahau

My involvement at Wai-ora Trust goes back to 1981, when my parents (Matua Hori and Whaea Wyn Ehau) were part of the founding group who started Wai-ora Trust. I remember playing in the hedges, trying to escape the chores of picking gherkins and I remember playing with all the other kids that were out here in those early days.

While we all grew up and moved on, Wai-ora continued to be an important part of my life. In the early 1990's, I visited the Trust and met my (now) wife who was visiting as part of a YWAM group. In the late 1990's I worked for the Trust as a youth worker, a role which I held prior to getting married and a role in which my wife joined me when we returned to NZ from our wedding in Canada.

In 2000 I moved into a facilitation role in mental health and was involved at a management level with Te Runaka Ki Otautahi o Kai Tahu, where I worked as part of a team to set up and managed mental health services for 3 South Island DHB's.

In 2004 I again became involved with Wai-ora Trust as a Trustee and about a year later, moved into the role of General Manager, a role that had been vacant for many years.

I still enjoy Wai-ora and am passionate about our mahi (work) and those whom we are fortunate to serve. I am thankful for those people whom have supported the Trust, through good times and bad,

Administration - Alison Lorimer

Administration - Alison Lorimer

I saw the Receptionist's position advertised in the newspaper. After doing some research on the internet about the Trust (no website available then), decided to apply for the position. I was fortunate to be selected for an interview and a practical session. A phone call from Ricky, our Kaiwhakahaere, offered me the job which I was happy to accept.

I have been at Wai-ora Trust since 2006 and this is my first position here.

I like the variety of roles I undertake - every day is different and the seasonal variations with the programmes that are run here. I am always learning something new. The people who come to Wai-ora Trust make the place what it is - a fun and vibrant place that is supportive to both staff and participants and the interaction between everyone is beneficial to all concerned.

Community Gardens Mentor - Rachel Vogan

Community Gardens Mentor - Rachel Vogan

Rachel has an extensive background in gardening and is passionate about growing healthy vegetables. She is a self confessed 'plant-a-holic' with little help of reform. 

Often referred to as a gardening commentator, she eats, lives and breathes all things from and about the garden.

Born and bred in Canterbury, She is passionate about the region and gardens everywhere. 

Rachel is an accomplished garden writer and photographer and hosts regular gardening segments on CTV and Newstalk ZB radio. 

She is a member of the CERA community forum as well as a board member for the Canterbury Horticultural Society and past judge of the Ellersley Flower Show.

Rachel brings over 25 years of hands on experience to the role and is passionate about helping our community gardeners succeed in their gardening endeavours.

Community Works Supervisor - Tony Mauger

Community Works Supervisor - Tony Mauger

I started with Wai-ora Trust as a volunteer. I have been here for over 10 years.

After about a year of volunteer work, an opportunity became available for a position of Community Works Supervisor. I have held this position since 2007. 

I like the outdoor work which involves working at the various parks and wetlands round Christchurch. I like the variety of the work we undertake. I also enjoy working with the rangers at the various parks as they are very helpful. Working at the Wai-ora Trust Farm is also enjoyable. The team I supervise are good to be with and we have some fun times.

The staff at Wai-ora Trust are a great group of people to work with.

Ground Maintenance Team Supervisor - Fred Fagg

Ground Maintenance Team Supervisor - Fred Fagg

Fred had volunteered on our Community Works teams for around a decade and often supervised teams when full time staff were on leave or training courses.

When we decided to employ a person to maintain our grounds and support our Gardens Team, he was the obvious choice.

Fred has now been on staff since 2012 and is a true jack of all trades. He maintains the grounds, shuttles vehicles for services and warrant of fitness, picks up our Gardens Team each morning and oversees the team and their workload.

He is a valued member of our team who is more than capable of stepping into the breach if we need him to supervisor our other programmes when a staff member is away sick or on leave.

Fitness Centre Support Staff - Jenny Rawstorn

Fitness Centre Support Staff - Jenny Rawstorn

Jenny first came to Wai-ora Trust as a client of our Fitness Center and has become a part of the family and a valued member of the Wai-ora Trust Team.

Her enthusiasm for supporting people in our Fitness Center is amazing and she is a living example of the benefits of regular exercise.

Not satisfied with simply supporting our Fitness Center clients, Jenny is often found helping out with the dishes or cleaning and is truly an asset to the Trust and all of us here at Wai-ora Trust.

Gardens Support Volunteer - Bryn Eccelton

Gardens Support Volunteer - Bryn Eccelton

One of our valued volunteers is Bryn, who has been involved in our Community Gardens since 2011 as a volunteer and though not "on staff," he is a real asset to the Trust and our Gardens Team. Bryn works along side both our team and our staff and is involved with all aspects of the Gardens.

He is our dedicated tractor operator and we are currently providing training opportunities for Bryn in order to support him in areas he would like to up-skill in.