Who, Why & What

Wai-ora has been in existence in some form now for 40 years! At the heart of Wai-ora is a genuine care and love for people and environment. Many individuals have contributed to the vision of Wai-ora and have remained loyal supporters of Wai-ora over many years. Today, the individuals at Wai-ora are passionate about keeping and growing the Wai-ora Vision to it’s full potential. See more about the Wai-ora team here.

Our Why

We exist to care for the physical, mental, spiritual & relationship needs of our community.




What we do

1.We provide a place/Pa site of belonging which serves as a centre or community hub with activities and services which provide for the needs of those we serve.

2.We operate a sustainable for-profit company (social enterprise) centred around ‘restoring environment for community’ where profits are distributed to assist funding the Wai-ora Trust.



Helping people grow


Manaki whenua – care for the land

Manaki tangata – care for the people

Manaki whakamua – Go forward!