Welcome to Wai-ora Group, a social enterprise for the Wai-Ora Trust. We have been serving the greater Christchurch area and wider Canterbury region since 1996. We take care of your environmental and asset management needs through ecosource plant supply, ecological restoration, environmental contracting, eco-landscaping, urban re-wilding, native regeneration plantings, pest and weed control, and commercial and residential fencing.


We offer an extensive range of ecosourced native plants including rare and endangered species for your ecological restoration project. We provide a contract growing service for commercial and government organisations for large scale supply including riparian and wetland species. We are committed to helping you restore and protect the amazing biodiversity in Canterbury.

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We are your ecological restoration and conservation partner for helping achieve the environmental outcomes you desire. Our clients are individuals and organisations that are passionate about improving in-stream water quality, establishing habitat for native animals, containment and eradication of plant pests, enhancement and eradication of plant pests and enhancement of populations of threatened plant species.

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We supply and install fencing and custom made gates throughout the greater Canterbury region providing our customers with aesthetically pleasing rugged and reliable fencing solutions. Our clients receive cost effective, long lasting fencing solutions to safeguard high value property, buildings, environment, and equipment.

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